Thorny Rose Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, Columbia Valley WA

Thorny RoseTasting:         Date: September 03, 2013

Varietal:        Cabernet Sauvignon

Country:        USA, Columbia Valley, WA

Tasting Date Price:  $13.99

Rating:  NA

Alcohol Content:  13.5%

Vineyard Website:


“Smooth& delicious.  Blackberry, strawberry & cherry, oh my!   Cocoa & spice & everything nice.”  Winemaker

Columbia Valley is situated at latitude of 46 to 47 degrees north, which is the same as the famed French wine regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy. This latitude gives it two more hours of daylight during the summer growing season than the wine regions of California – an important factor in intensifying the flavors in the grapes. The valley lies in a rain shadow caused by the Cascades, which contributes to its dry continental climate. Hot days here are followed by cool nights, helping to ensure a long and even growing season in which the grapes obtain full ripeness while retaining vital acidity.

As Columbia Valley is a dry region, irrigation is often required and this restricts the location of its vineyards. On the plus side, where controlled irrigation is possible it can make a big difference to yields and the quality of the grapes. The Columbia River and its tributaries not only provide water, but also help to moderate both summer and winter temperatures. Even so, many grape growers use wind turbines to get air circulating and prevent their vines from become being frozen. The cold does have one major benefit, however; because it staves off the deadly phylloxera louse, nearly all of the vines in Columbia Valley are planted on their own rootstocks. Purists claim this provides more original flavors in the grapes.


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