February 29, 2012

To: All Wine Lovers of Westlake Members:

Lately, there have been many instances where a member sends a check to attend a particular WLOW tasting and then either calls at the very last minute to cancel, or does not call nor attend the tasting. In spite of the fact that all tasting notices remind members that there are no refunds if they cancel within approximately five days of the meeting, we have been very lenient in enforcing this policy. Some members have even called to cancel an hour before the tasting was scheduled to begin and they received a credit for the following month. This has caused problems and therefore a revised, but fair and reasonable policy has been adapted, effective immediately, as follows:

If a member pays for a tasting and later decides not to attend, a credit for the following month’s tasting will be given if the member (or another person) notifies Alan Block no later than 48 hours prior to the tasting. For example, if a tasting is scheduled for March 28, Alan must be notified not later than March 26 at 7:30PM. If the cancellation is made after this time or the member fails to attend without calling, no refund or credit will be issued, except in very special situations, which will be determined by the club officers on an individual basis. This policy will be enforced and we wanted all members to be aware of it via this email. Thank you.

Joe Salz, President
Mike Rubin, Vice President
Alan Block, Treasurer

1 comment
  1. Armel Morvan said:

    I could not find any information on the procedure to join the club.
    Can you please let me know how to proceed ?
    Thank you.

    Membership in the Wine Clubs of Westlake are limited to the residents of the Westlake Golf and Country Club in Jackson, New Jersey. If you are considering a move to Central New Jersey, we should be number one on your list for a site visit.
    -The Editor-

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