Winery Notes:  Sweet Bliss shares your passion for sweet wines. We know there are few things more delightful than a wine with beautiful aromatics and fresh fruit- forward flavors. And whether you fancy a lush red wine, a white wine with a streak of bright character or a pink wine with a clean yet succulent finish, why limit yourself to just one?

We invite you to delight in the irresistible and distinct character of all three Sweet Bliss wines – either poured with your favorite friends or paired with your favorite foods.

Some of our favorite pairings include: Sweet Bliss Red with barbecue chicken, Sweet Bliss White with blackened catfish and Sweet Bliss Pink with citrus glazed pork loin.

After all, everyone craves a little Sweet Bliss


Sweet Bliss non-vintage

Tasting Date:  02/01/2012

Varietal:  Red Blend

Country:  California, USA

Tasting Date Price:  $10.99

Rating:  NA

Alcohol Content:  13.8%

Vineyard Website:  click here http://www.

Visual Aspect:  Ripe lighter cherry red

Nose:  Aromas sweet ripe fruit and subtle toasted oak.

Palate:  Deep cherry flavors and a velvety chocolate mouth feel.

Food Pairing:  Pair with BBQ, grilled burgers, pizza or with chocolate cakes or cheese cakes.  Alone as an aperitif.



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