Cavicchioli Malvasia dell Emilia

Cavicchioli-Malvasia-750ml-34Tasting:           Date: August 07, 2013

Varietal:          Malvasia (similar to Moscato)

Country:          Italy

Rating:            N/A

Alcohol Content:  10%

Vineyard Website


Cavicchioli Malvasia dell Emilia  Italy  Winemaker Notes  A highly unusual frizzante (lightly sparkling) Malvasia from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy , similar in style to a Moscato d’Asti from a little further north, w/ 8% alcohol& a definite sweetness.  Floral notes on the nose, w/peach & apricot fruit – deeper & more luscious than Moscato – w/ a gentle effervescent palate & more of that, tropical & peach juice fruity appeal.  Sweetness nicely balanced by some crisp, sherbet acidity.



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