Jam Jar Sweet White Moscato, Western Cape, South Africa

jam_jar_moscato_750Tasting:           Date: August 07, 2013

Varietal:          White Moscato

Country:          South Africa (Western Cape)

Tasting Date Price:  $ 8.99

Rating:            N/A

Alcohol Content:  10%

Vineyard Website: http://jamjarwines.com


Africa Winemaker’s Notes Juicy flavors of peach, apricot, lychee & orange blossom.  A lively jolt of acidity keeps it fresh, fruity & fun.  Fancy enough for a special occasion toast, yet sweet natured enough to enjoy every day. 10 % Alcohol by vol.

We know what you’re thinking, “I’m already confused.” But don’t be. In the coming months your store shelves will replacing Jam Jar Moscato with Jam Jar Sweet White – same fresh & fruity juice, same festive look, slightly different name.

Why you may wonder? Well, we decided Jam Jar Sweet White sounded so much cooler than Moscato, and for name sake it makes more sense given our Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz. So do not fear, your favorite sweet white wine is not going anywhere.


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