Lockwood Liquid Velvet 2011, CA

Liquid Velvet BlendTasting date:             February 06, 2013

Varietal:                     Red Blend (Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon)

Country:                     USA, CA

Tasting Date Price:  $19.99

Rating:                       N/A

Alcohol Content:      13.5%

Vineyard Website:   http://www.lockwoodvineyard.com/wines/liquid-velvet

Visual Aspect:          Deep rich red

Nose:                       Cherry, a hint of dark cocoa and spice

Palate:                        Velvety smooth texture, balanced structure and a satisfyingly long finish.

Food Pairing:              Steaks especially rib eye and beef stew

Lockwood Liquid Velvet 2011, CA, A blend of Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon. Grown in “Lockwood Shaley Loam”, a chalky-type rocky soil that provides exceptional drainage & allows the vines to grow deep in the earth…the only soil of its kind in the world. Deep rich red w/ dark fruit, cocoa & spice on the palate. Great w/ chocolate, raspberries & other fruits. We are among the first in NJ to taste this wine. A seductive bouquet of red fruits and spice teases the nose, inviting the palate to discover the tempting pleasures of this red wine. Exhilarating as it unfurls across the mouth, Liquid Velvet is as it’s named sensual, emotional, and rich.


Winery notes: The 2011 growing season experienced cooler than historical average temperatures.  The cooler weather delayed the harvest by nearly three weeks for many of the Monterey area. Although there were rainstorms that threatened the harvest due to the late timing, it ended up causing little trouble. Even with all of the unpredictable factors that occurred, the 2011 vintage will be recognized as one of the best.

Winemaker’s Comments:  Early in the morning the entire region is cool and largely covered by a thick marine layer. As the sun rises, the valley warms and the heat burns off the dense fog. Cool air off the Pacific Ocean is drawn in and funneled through the Gabilan and Santa Lucia mountain ranges, moving down the valley with increasing force as the day progresses. The ocean air acts as a natural air conditioning system that mitigates the rise in temperature and extends the growing season, allowing for slow, gentle ripening. The unique topography of Monterey is protected from huge heat spikes that can cause damage in the vineyards, making it the ideal place to grow many different grape varieties.


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