Valckenberg Gewurztraminer Pfalz Germany 2011

Valkenberg GewurztraminerTasting date:             January 02, 2013

Varietal:                     Gewurztraminer

Country:                     Germany

Tasting Date Price:  $10.99

Rating:                       n/a

Alcohol Content:      10%

Vineyard Website:


Visual Aspect:          soft golden hue

Nose:                          Roses & orange blossoms

Palate:                        Peaches & litchin

Food Pairing:                        Spicy dishes


Gewurztraminer is a pink-skinned grape variety that produces some of the most distinctively aromatic wines in the world, an intense style that also polarizes people. Ardent fans of Gewurztraminer adore its highly perfumed scents and slightly spicy flavors, while its detractors lament its lack of acid and obvious fruit tones. Few, however, would deny Gewurztraminer’s presence on the olfactory radar.


Winery notes: Weingut P.J. Valckenberg and its more than 500-year-old vineyards are located in the heart of the “Nibelung Town” of Worms on the banks of the Rhine. Founded in 1786, the house of P.J. Valckenberg has more than two centuries of experience in bottling and exporting fine German wines.

In the late Middle Ages, Worms was a crossroads of the great trade routes and a site of important ecclesiastical and imperial decisions. It was also a popular layover for pilgrims heading south. They prayed before the statue of the Madonna and refreshed themselves in the monastery with the wine the canons produced from the Liebfrauen vineyard. As such, the wine’s fame was virtually predestined to spread far beyond the borders of Worms.

Winemaker’s Comments:  A full-bodied, medium-dry white with a lovely aroma of roses, accompanied by flavors of ripe peach and litchi. Fruity on the front, this Gewürztraminer finishes a bit drier with notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove.


Winemakers Notes: The remarkable feature of the year was that the grapes in 2011 ripened extremely early due to the mild, warm spring and resulted in both the quantity and quality being high.”


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