Thomas Patrick Lot 2 Red Blend CA (non-Vintage)

Thomas Patrick Lot 2 Red BlendTasting:          Date: January 02, 2013

Varietal:         Blend

Country:         USA, CA

Tasting Date Price:  $11.99

Rating:           n/a

Alcohol Content:         13.5%

Vineyard Website:


Visual Aspect:          Light ruby

Nose:                          Intense fruits

Palate:                        Wild cherry & ripe raspberry w/hints of cinnamon

Food Pairing:                        Organic steak, vegan tempeh BBQ


Winery notes: There is a good reason why early California vintners planted the hot inland valleys with Old World red varietals: they discovered early on that the region’s intensely sunny summer days, blissfully cooler summer nights, and mild winters produced grapes that consistently delivered the characteristic qualities of their type. Our big, bold Lot 2 Winemaker’s Blend showcases both the intense fruit flavors for which the area has long been noted, and the art of selecting varietals for their specific characteristics, then blending them to create a wine that is a unique expression of the region’s terroir. Well-structured and frankly delicious, Lot 2 delivers vibrant, balanced flavors of wild cherry and ripe raspberry with hints of cinnamon and clove in an opulent, ink-dark pour. Try it with an organic steak, vegan tempeh BBQ, or on its own. Be sure to hold it up to the light, and then toast your friends, your family, and the wisdom of generations of winemakers.


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