IL Poggione Rosso Di Montalcino 2010 Trento-Alto Aldage , Italy

Tasting:          Date: October 03, 2012

Varietal:         Sangiovese

Country:         Italy

Tasting Date Price:  $21.99

Rating:  WA 91 / WS 88

Alcohol Content:  14%

Vineyard Website:

Visual Aspect: Intense ruby red

Nose:  Fruity with red berry notes.

Palate:  Well structured,  mellow, long lasting flavor, with smooth tannins

Food Pairing:  Pasta with meat sauce, roasted & grilled meats, med strength cheeses


Winemakers Notes:  Younger, more accessible version of Brunello, but already very well-developed with a strong character, Rosso di Montalcino is a very important wine for Tenuta Il Poggione. Produced entirely from Sangiovese grapes from the youngest of the estate’s vineyards, Rosso di Montalcino is matured for 12 months in large barrels before undergoing a period of bottle aging.

Aging in wood, though not obligatory for the production of Rosso di Montalcino, tones down the tannins typical of a young Sangiovese and gives this red wine the complex aroma and body that make it a great “young Brunello”.

Vineyard Notes:  Today, Tenuta Il Poggione is one of Montalcino’s major wineries: it covers a surface area of 600 hectares, of which 125 hectares are planted with vines, 70 with olive groves and the rest are arable and woodland. The estate’s guiding principle is to pay meticulous attention to the vineyards, because the secret of producing great red wines lies in tending the vines. Diversified agriculture is also essential to Tenuta Il Poggione, so that vines are alternated with a variety of crops and wild animals are allowed to live in harmony with nature. Along with constant efforts to preserve the typical characteristics yet improve the quality of its wines through research and selection, Tenuta Il Poggione has also drastically reduced the quantity of grapes it produces. By practicing the green harvest, regularly monitoring the condition of the vineyards and constantly checking the need for soil nutrients, an excellent product is achieved even in less favorable years.

On the Poggione estate, the grapes are harvested entirely by hand and the wine is made by the traditional method, though modern, state-of-the-art equipment is used. Total control of the vilification process is guaranteed, thanks to the new cellar built in the center of the estate in 2004 and the introduction of extremely advanced technology, but as tradition is important, the company keeps the large French oak barrels used for aging the great Tenuta Il Poggione red wines five meters below ground.


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