Jlohr Carol’s Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2011

Tasting Date: 9/5/2012

Varietal: Carol’s Sauvignon Blanc 2011

Country: Napa Valley, California

Tasting Date Price: $15.99

Rating: WE 2009 90

Alcohol Content: 14.5%

Vineyard Website: click here

Visual Aspect: Youthful and straw yellow in color.

Nose: Complex aromas of ruby grapefruit, passion fruit, gooseberry, dried flowers and faint herbaceous freshness.

Palate: The wine provides an excellent balance of bright, racy acidity and fresh fruit flavors reminiscent of the aromas.

Food Pairing: Ceviche, fish tacos or other light seafood and poultry dishes.

Winery Notes:

Honoring a Legacy

Two years ago, J. Lohr began the Touching Lives program in memory of Carol Waldorf Lohr, late wife of founder Jerry Lohr. In 2008, Carol, who was the muse for Jerry’s Napa Valley vineyard, passed away unexpectedly due to complications related to breast cancer. Since, the Lohr family has been working to curtail the impact of breast cancer in the lives of other families.

Touching Lives, One Toast at a Time

This past year, we set out to provide 500 mammograms for women in need by donating $2 from every bottle sold of our J. Lohr Carol’s Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. With more than 2,000 mammograms funded to date, we have long surpassed our goal! As we partner again with NBCF for the third year in a row, we will continue to expand our efforts to raise money in support of early detection, which has been proven to save lives.


In the Napa Valley, the 2011 vintage was one of the coolest growing seasons of the last two decades. Heavy winter rainfall and a very cold winter delayed budbreak to early April. The unseasonably cool spring slowed shoot growth and ultimately pushed ripening back 3 to 4 weeks. Fortunately, Sauvignon Blanc (which is the first Bordeaux variety to ripen) greatly benefited from the unusually cool weather, which enhanced the fresh passionfruit and herbaceous varietal characters. Additionally, this was the second vintage where we were aided in our harvesting decisions by Vivelys’ Dyostem color-monitoring system, largely basing our picking dates on fruit color changes in order to optimize thiolic aromas and flavors of passionfruit, tropical fruits and boxwood. We separately tracked and picked our weakest canopied sections of the vineyard on September 7th, and our heavier canopied areas on September 20th, both at their peak of Sauvignon Blanc thiolic fruit expression.


Carol’s Vineyard is a thirty-four acre parcel located in north St. Helena in the Napa Valley, bounded on the east by the Napa River and on the north by Pratt Avenue. Sauvignon Blanc represents 10.88 acres of Carol’s Vineyard and is planted in the eastern portion of the vineyard adjacent to the Napa River, where outstanding Sauvignon Blanc has been grown. The soils are very loamy and well-drained, with a fair amount of gravel. The Clone 1 Sauvignon Blanc is grown on a quadrilateral cordon trellis to control vine vigor, with a single leaf layer in the south-exposed fruit zone for only dappled sun exposure to the grape clusters. This preserves some of the natural herbaceous fruit character in this delicious Sauvignon Blanc.


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