Vina Gomez Tempranillo 2009

Tasting Date: 5/2/2012

Varietal: Tempranillo

Country: Spain

Tasting Date Price: $13.99

Rating: NA

Alcohol Content: 13.5%

Vineyard Website:

Visual Aspect: Dark purple colors

Nose: Deep wild berry aromas

Palate: Tannins are ample but balanced by the textural richness and juicy fruit

Food Pairing: Enjoy w/ hard cheeses, grilled meats & poultry. Paired w/ Mona Lisa Thin Crust pizza.

Wine Description:

Ribera del Duero DO (Denominación de Origen) is an important wine-producing region contained within the Castilla y León autonomous community in the north of Spain. Its reputation is largely due to the quality of its red wines, the best examples of which are renowned throughout the world. The capital of Ribera del Duero is the historic town of Aranda de Duero, which boasts a series of antique underground cellars (‘bodegas‘) built to store wine. The interconnecting cellars reach a depth of 40ft (12m) in places.

Ribera del Duero sits on the elevated northern plateau of the Iberian Peninsula at a height of 2800ft (800m) above sea level. It is divided by the Duero river, which provides the local vineyards with a much-needed water supply. The region’s inland location, coupled with the sheltering effects of nearby mountains, creates an extreme climate in which hot and dry summers are followed by harsh winters. In the growing season, the high daytime temperatures are combined with considerably cooler nights – a condition which assists in the optimum accumulation of aromas and other chemical compounds (phenolics) in the grapes.

Wine Facts: Tempranillo is a dark-skinned red-wine grape variety that forms the backbone of some of the finest wines from Spain and Portugal. Almost every red wine from Rioja and Ribera del Duero in Spain has Tempranillo at its core, and in Portugal the variety is widely used in Port and dry table wines from the Douro. Tempranillo vines have been successfully adopted in the New World, especially in California, Argentina and Australia.

A thick-skinned variety with a high anthocyanin count that makes for deep-colored wines with moderate tannins, Tempranillo is well suited to the demands of the modern wine consumer. While it lacks its own idiosyncratic flavor profile, the wide range of aromas detectable in Tempranillo-based wines give it a charm in and of itself, with tasting notes ranging from strawberries, blackcurrants and cherries, to prunes, chocolate and tobacco. The former three notes typically come from younger examples from cooler climates, while the latter three develop with increased vineyard heat and age.


winemaker’s notes:

Unoaked, from carefully chosen lots suitable for drinking young. Deep wild berry aromas and mouth filling flavor and length are provided by the old Tempranillo vines. Tannins are ample but balanced by the textural richness and juicy fruit. A superb value.

odegas Gormaz’s unoaked 2009 Tempranillo is purple-colored with aromas of pencil lead, spice box, and blackberry. Flavorful and mouth-filling, it is a substantial effort that is also an excellent value. Drink it over the next 4-5 years. “

1 comment
  1. ngennarell said:

    The Westlake Wine Tasting Club has opened my eyes to many new wines and varietals… and Tempranillo is definitely one of them. Enjoyed this one at the May Pizza Party. Great Value…

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