Monte Faliesi Greco di Tufo 2010

The oldest variety of the Avellino area, Greco was imported from the Greek region of Thessaly by the Pelasgians. Produced only in the province of Avellino, as the microclimate is considered ideal for growing this particular varietal. Tufa is a type of limestone abundantly present in the soil.

Located in Avellino on a parcel of 4 hectares, the soil is composed primarily of
calcareous rock called tufa, chalk and clay. Planted using the s purred cordon
training system, the vines are at a density of 4000 vines/hectare. The vineyards are at an elevation of 400 meters above sea level with a southern exposure.
A manual harvest was carried out in early September. Fermentation took place in stainless steel tanks over a span of 20 days at 12-15°C. The wine was left to age for 3 months, during which time it underwent partial malolactic fermentation. Prior to bottling, the wine was micro-filtered and refrigerated to stabilize the tartaric acid, then aged an additional 2 months.

Pleasant notes of peaches and almonds come through on the nose. It is dry and clean to the taste with a pronounced but balanced flavor.

The perfect accompaniment to delicate foods, such as fish with butter or white sauces. Enjoy with appetizers and vegetable-based pasta dishes as well.

Tasting Date:  March 2012
Varietal: Greco Bianco
Country: Italy
Tasting Date Price: $16.99


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