Valckenberg UnDone Riesling 2010

Winery Notes:  Undone wines are made by Valckenberg, the oldest family owned wine merchant in Germany. The operation is run by Wilhelm Steifensand, a seventh generation descendant. Royal dynasties and many renowned personalities of the times are Valckenberg customers. The history of the wine city Worms where Valdkenberg is headquartered begins with the Romans more than 2,000 years ago. Today Valckenberg has multiple domestic partnerships and is active in 24 countries worldwide.

Undone represents the pure and unadulterated qualities of Riesling and Pinot Noir. No oak, no unnecessary treatment; wine lovers can truly taste the influence of a wine’s origin. The name implies an “undoing” of everything you thought you knew about German wines in hock bottles with their long, unpronounceable names. These are friendly, approachable wines made in an international style.

This wine is made in Rheinhessen, Germany’s largest wine region by area. It has gently rolling hills and is situated in the climatically favored large elbow formed by the Rhein river as it flows from Worms to its sweeping bend around Mainz then back north at Bingen.

2007 was a very good vintage in Germany. The harvest was one of the healthiest in years and of good quantity, which was welcome news as 2005 and 2006 saw a reduction in yield due to weather. Heavy rains in late September in Rheinhessen did make wineries scramble to harvest quickly, but since the summer had been perfect the grapes were ready. 2007s will show good depth of flavors with a balanced acidity, which is so important for German wines.

Tasting Date:                        02/01/2012

Varietal:         Riesling

Country:         Germany

Tasting Date Price: $10.99


Alcohol Content: 14.0%

Vineyard Website:  click here (in German)

Visual Aspect:  Deep golden yellow

Nose: Crisp citrus notes, grapefruit and gooseberry.

Palate:  Clean vibrant finish, reminiscent of Sauvignon Blac

Food Pairing:  This Dry Riesling will pair well with seafood, sushi, and shellfish, as well as salads and white meats


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