Proulx Petite Sirah 2010

Petite Sirah is the North and South American name for the black-skinned Durif grape variety. The grape’s two names were once the source of some confusion, though now their usage depends entirely on where they are grown. Petite Sirah is the favored name in North America, particularly California where it has sizable plantings and a cult following. Petite refers to the small, intensely colored, berries that make Petite Sirah such a distinctive grape variety. In its early history it was often used as a minor blending-partner to add color and structure to wines from weak vintages.

The high tannins and acidity present in Petite Sirah make it an excellent candidate for aging. Primary flavors often associated with the wine are blackberry, chocolate and black pepper.

Here is what one looks for in Petite Sirah, big juicy dark fruit with good spice and a long finish. That’s what we find in this bottling from winemaker Kevin Riley (whose stomping ground used to be in Southern Connecticut.) Proulx Petite Sirah is a nice reflection of the grape variety from the Central Coast of California, more specifically Paso Robles. The round and silky texture of the wine carries notes of spice and violets, leaving the palate holding happy memories of chocolate and dark berry after every sip.

Vintage                    2010
Type                       Red”>Red
Producer                 Proulx”>Proulx
Variety                  Petite Sirah
Vineyard                 Blackburn Wine Company
Country                   USA
Region                  California
SubRegion               Central Coast
Appellation             Paso Robles
Tasting Date: February 2012
Retail Price on Tasting Date: :$ 17.99


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