Villacezan Seis Meses 2008

With one eye ever fixed on the past and the other looking ahead to the future, brothers Gabriel and Carlos Garcia-Luengos Garcia along with their sister Ofelia grabbed the reins of their family bodega in the mid 90’s and have taken a wine making tradition dating back to the mid 19th century and steered it lovingly into the modern age. Their fondness for the native Prieto Picudo varietal has driven this new generation to focus on a simple, yet passionate goal…to resurrect and preserve the grape and with it make distinctive, world-class wines that won’t drain your wallet. (More on Prieto Picudeo)

The farm and 150 acres of vineyards are located in the municipality of Gordoncillo on the southern León plain, where the continental climate provides cool winters, hot, dry summers, and wide temperature swings between day and night help to ripen and concentrate the fruit. In the vineyards fastidious attention is paid to the vines with much energy devoted to proper pruning and crop thinning. All grapes are harvested by hand and delivered in small (16kg) boxes to the bodega, where hand sorting, destemming and temperature controlled fermentations are standard.

Formerly working under the Vino de la Tierra classification, Villacezán’s wines are now produced under the newly formed D.O. Vino Tierra de León. This new D.O. was created primarily to recognize the potential of Prieto Picudo and foster the production of quality wines made from the varietal. Villacezán has been an outspoken proponent of the D.O. from it’s beginning and continues to work closely with the Council in clone development and research.

Produced from Prieto Picudo, Mencia and Tempranillo grapes grown in the family vineyards at Dehesa de Villacezán, this deep purple-red wine exhibits lovely aromas and flavors of ripe dark-fruits with hints of coffee, toast and vanilla. After reaching optimum maturity levels in the vineyards the grapes were hand sorted and fermented (with frequent pump-overs) in temperature controlled tanks. After racking the wine was aged for six months in new French and American oak.

Deft integration of fruit, tannins, oak and acidity give 6 Meses lovely balance and allow the wine to pair well with many dishes…But why wait for dinner.

Considered a semi-crianza, Seis Meses (or “six months” for the time in oak), spent an additional year in bottle. With this extra time, the fruit, tannins and oak have  fully integrated, and the wine is showing lovely balance and complexity.

For people who like just a hint of oak, a bit more bottle aging, and some extra “oomph” this semi-crianza is a nice step up  from Dehesa de Villaczán.

Tasting Date: January 2012
Vintage: 2008
Varietal: Vino Tierra de León
Country: Spain
Retail Price on Tasting Date: $16.99


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