Estampa Syrah Assemblage 2007

2008 was a very good year for Carménère. The vines were monitored carefully up to late April/early May in order to ensure optimum ripeness which is so crucial for this varietal. The grapes for our icon wine are grown on the iedmont part of our Marchigüe property, located 30 km away from the Pacific Ocean.  The Syrah in the blend provides vibrant colour, fantastic fruit quality and intense aromas. The tannins in 2008 were stronger than previous years and so required careful winemaking to keep the balance that we always seek in our wines. As a result, the syrah component helps to give smoothness and intensity.  The Cabernet-Sauvignon wines reacted beautifully during fermentation ending with high aromatic intensity. In addition to the aromas, the Cabernet in 2008 offered good colour, concentration and pH, ensuring excellent quality and balance.

The lots for all three varietals were planted in 2004 in our Marchigüe property located just 30km from the Pacific Ocean. The vines were planted with a density of 4600 plants per hectare on predominantly granitic soil in the poorest areas of this outstanding vineyard in the Piedmont area. This ensures natural vigour, great concentration and complexity for our icon wine.

Once the grapes arrive at the winery in baskets of maximum 10 to 12kg capacity, they passed along selection tables for a meticulous, manual quality review, before being de-stemmed, lightly crushed in order to be passed into stainless steel tank. During three days, the grapes undergo cold pre-fermentation maceration at controlled temperatures (6-8°C). Afterwards the tank is heated by a pumping system and inoculation with selected yeast occurs and results in fermentation at 25°C to 28°C. The process is monitored and is accompanied by a full tank daily pump-over that is carried out over three stages each day. Once fermentation is complete the wine is left in contact with the skins for seven days of maceration.

The malolactic fermentation occurs once the wine is transferred to new and 2-3 year old French and American oak barrels. During the aging process of 18 months, the wine is decanted three times and filtered.

Tasting Notes
Estampa LaCruz 2008 is a reflection of our winemaking philosophy and the message we want our wines to transmit. A smooth wine, with hints of spice from the Carménère, and a brilliant,
red appearance with purple hues. The wine is rich and concentrated with dark red fruit aromas, good tannins and a long, complex, lingering finish. The blend with Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon
ensures smoothness and additional complexity and will guarantee that this wine is mediumfull bodied with firm but not aggressive tannins and that will age very well over the next ten
years. The oak is in perfect balance and ensures that in addition to the fruity aromas more complex notes of mocha, spices and a pleasant toasty flavour are detectable. This is certainly
an excellent wine to accompany any red meat dishes with its structure and power able to blend well with rich dishes.

Technical Comments
Wine with an intense red colour, very bright, fresh, fruity aromas with great evolution and well balanced with oak. The oak is not overly noticeable but provides a pleasant toasty flavour,
accentuates the ripe fruits and spices. This is an excellent medium-full bodied wine with outstanding balance, firm tannins and complex flavours. After just one year since bottled, the wine is already showing its potential and provides a juicy, rich finish and accompanies any moment.

Tasting Date: January 2012
Vintage 2007
Type Red
Producer Estampa
Varietal Syrah Blend
Designation Assemblage reserve
Vineyard N/A
Country Chile
Region Central Valley
SubRegion Rapel Valley
Appellation Colchagua Valley
Retail Price on Tasting Date: $13.99


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