DR Loosen Reisling 2010

Tasting Date: 11/2/2011

Varietal: DR Loosen Riesling 2010

Country: Germany

Tasting Date Price: $11.99

Rating: WS 89

Alcohol Content: 8.5%

Vineyard Website: click here

Visual Aspect: Clear

Nose: Fruity

Palate: Snappy acidity with peach, apple and Cosc pear flavors and hints of glazed citrus

Food Pairing: Pairs well with entire Thanksgiving dinner including dessert

Winery Notes:

BERNKASTEL/MOSEL, GERMANY — The 2010 harvest was unlike any we’ve ever seen before. It was marked by dramatic swings in the weather and a fitful growing season that led to a wildly unusual result. Never before have we seen

a vintage that combined high ripeness, high acidity, high levels of botrytis and extremely low yields. The whole thing was a complete contradiction.

The Dr. Loosen estate has been in the same family for over 200 years. When Ernst Loosen (pronounced loh-zen) assumed ownership in 1988, he realized that with ungrafted vines averaging 60 years old in some of Germany’s best-rated vineyards, he had the raw materials to create stunningly intense, world-class wines.

To achieve this, Ernst dramatically reduced his crop size and stopped all chemical fertilization, preferring only moderate use of organic fertilizers. And, most importantly, he turned to gentler cellar practices that allow the wine to develop its full potential with a minimum of handling and technological meddling.

Numerous lots of harvested grapes are vinified separately. The best finished wines are bottled with their appropriate single-vineyard designation and quality category. There are three categories for non-botrytis wines:

Kabinett: The lightest and most delicate style, from normally ripe grapes picked early in the harvest.

Spätlese: Richer, bolder wines made from riper grapes harvested later than Kabinett.

Auslese: Very ripe, late-harvested grapes that are selected cluster by cluster.

Each quality level (Prädikat) has minimum legal ripeness standards, which we always exceed in order to make wines that are intense and flavorful.


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