2007 Malk Stags Leap District Cabernet Sauvignon

Sweet smelling, candied, dark and oaky. At the same time, this is savory with some meaty tones that recall bacon fat and jerky. It all comes together with some coriander and sassafras spice/herb tones. This is big and richly fruited yet bright, with volume in the mouth. Has weight but less tactile stickiness than many of these wines. There’s that savory element on the palate as well as some faint herb notes that help break up the broad blueberry black cherry mid-palate. This is really well crafted, pretty much ready to drink but certainly age worthy. While it is in a hedonistic style, it manages to be quite fresh. The tannins, fine if powdery, emerge on the back end, adding additional texture to a long tea and tobacco scented finish that ends with the nice berry fruits of the mid-palate.  93pts

The 2007 Vintage of the Malk Family Vineyards is likely our best effort to date. We find deeper notes of blackberry and black cherry in the 2007, along with the rich currant and ripe red fruit we’ve enjoyed in previous vintages. The fruit aromas are highlighted with warm spicy notes that follow through to the palate giving way to the classic silky mouthfeel we have come to expect. This vintage does offer a bit more extraction and body and should age well for many years.


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