Samuel Smith Organic Lager

 It’s a light amber lager with a pleasing tight white head.  The head is slow to disperse and there’s more lacing than you would associate with a lager.  There’s not much of a nose, no ‘in your face Saaz hops’ so this takes it away from a Pilsner or Budweiser style beer, more of a Munich style lager.  The hops are in there though, dancing on your tongue when you take your first sip.

The second sip is close behind, then the third.  This is a really inviting, refreshing lager, the sort of lager that (to follow Scott’s imagery) that would get me out cutting the grass knowing that this is waiting for me.

So… to summarise, Sammy Smiths does great lager as well as classic ales. Some friends are arranging a ‘pub crawl’ around some of Sammy Smiths London pubs soon, I’m looking forward to it and will report back  with my findings!

Tasting Date: September 2011
Varietal: Beer
Country: United Kingdom
Retail Price on Tasting Date: $


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