Bartenura Moscato Rose

Celebrating Birthday with a Moscato 

Yesterday was my daughter’s 3rd birthday.  She’s going to have a big party on Sunday so we had a small dinner for her at my mom’s house with just the immediate family.  At my mom’s house every occasion is celebrated with wine.  Since this was a weekday and she is so young I felt like having something different, something we don’t’ usually drink.   I found a perfect bottle of wine for that, Bartenura Moscato Rose sparkling.  This is the new wine from the makers of the regular Bartenura Moscato, or as some people call it, the pretty blue bottle Moscato.

In general I don’t like Moscato wines.  They are too sweet and too little in alcohol level.  Their alcohol level is anywhere from 5%-7.5%, which in some cases is less than beer.  The taste is very fruity and sweet, and it also has carbonation to it (or bubbles as some people say).  Some people say it tastes like fruit punch, others say it reminds them of ginger ale.  It is also known as “the lady’s wine.”  I guess who ever thinks that doesn’t know my friends who can drink as hard as any man.  One of the most famous Moscato wines on the market right now is the Bartenura Moscato.  People love it’s taste and how the bottle looks.

Now this Moscato that I drank was different.  First it’s not regular wine, it’s sparkling, which means it’s like champagne but since it’s not from France it can’t be called that.  Second it’s rose and not white.  Here is a description in wine connoisseurlingo, “Harvested at the peak of ripeness, the grapes are pressed and the juice is then filtered in specially designed centrifuges. This liquid is stored in thermally insulated containers at extremely low temperatures. The secondary fermentation takes place in pressure tanks following the charmat method. Moscato wines go great with fruit, cheese and desserts. The sparkling element makes this a perfect festive wine to complete your meal.”

I liked that fact that the wine was very light, fruity and refreshing.  It went down very easily, in fact I drank more than half the bottle.  The only disclaimer is that since it’s sparkling it does make you drunk more easily, even though it’s so low in alcohol level.  I definitely had a nice buzz going on, and then got very sleepy.  All in all it was a perfect wine to celebrate my daughter’s birthday.


Tasting Date: September 2011
Varietal: Muscat
Country: Italy
Retail Price on Tasting Date: $12.99


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