DeBortoli Viognier 2007

Winemaking techniques vary and depend on the style of wine being made.  At De Bortoli a “hands on’ approach in the vineyard and “hands off’ approach in the winery reflects the family philosophy of allowing fruit and terroir to be fully expressed in every bottle.

The inspiration for the Vat Series came from the early days when Deen De Bortoli would personally chalk numbers on vats to mark them out. Vat is the term adopted by early Australian winemakers for the large vessels used to hold the maturing wine before it was ready for bottling.

This Viognier exhibits aromas of apricot and spice with texture, freshness and elegance. Serve well chilled with smoked ham or roast chicken.

83 points
“While De Bortoli is capable of turning out more impressive stuff, this is a decent eff rt for the price. Wax and tinned apricots stand out on the nose while the lush pal to falls a bit flat in the mouth. A good summer picnic wine, especially if well chilled.”
Wine Enthusiast (USA), January 2009

Tasting Date: March 2011
Varietal: Viognier
Vintage: 2007
Country: Yarra Valley, Australia
Retail Price on Tasting Date: $12.99


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