Andre Lurton Chateau Bonnet White 2009

This inexpensive Sauvignon-dominated wine from Andre Lurton typifies the modern face of ‘everyday’ white Bordeaux with its succulent pear and tropical fruit aroma, punchy, vibrant palate and crisply-defined finish. Intelligent, keen but easy to drink.  Upfront, a lovely blend of Semillon opulence with crisp Sauvignon notes of white peach, blossom and fresh apricot. The addition of Muscadelle lends body and charm, with its exotic, slightly spicy notes contributing to a lingering finish.The color is
a brilliant yellow with silver highlights.

A fine vintage, this will be the perfect summer companion to seafood and fish dishes.

These fresh, food-friendly whites are particularly fine well-
chilled on a summer’s night.

Tasting Date: March 2011
Varietal: Bourdeaux
Vintage: 2009
Country: Bourdeux,  France
Retail Price on Tasting Date: $14.99


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