Cannonau de Sardegna 2006

Tasting Date:  March 2011
Varietal:  Sella & Mosca Cannonau de Sardegna Riserva 2006
Country:  Sardegna, Italy
Tasting Date Price:  $19.99
Rating:  WE 2004 86
Alcohol Content:  13.5%
Vineyard Website: click here
Visual Aspect:  Light in color & thin in extraction.

Nose:     forest berry, red candy, blue flowers, white stone, fennel seed & walnutiness.

Palate:     Light, ripe mellow flavors

Food Pairing:    pair w/roasted pork, fried chicken or cheese-topped pasta.

Winery Notes:    

About Sella & Mosca:
In Italy and elsewhere in Europe, wine connoisseurs and industry professionals rate Sella & Mosca among Italy’s most outstanding wine estates. Sella & Mosca’s I Piani estate in Sardinia constitutes the second largest contiguous vineyard in Italy and counts itself among the country’s most impressive wineries. Situated in the northwest corner of Sardinia, just inland from the pretty, historic port of Alghero, this 1,600-acre property with more than 1,200 acres of vines is one of the largest wine estates in Europe.
Sella & Mosca, which celebrated its centennial in 1999, was founded by Messrs. Sella and Mosca, two Piedmontese businessmen revered to this day for their prominent roles in the Risorgimento (Italy’s 19th-century unification movement). Today, the property is owned by Campari.
As Sardinia’s foremost wine producer, Sella & Mosca is renowned for premium wines made exclusively from estate-grown grapes. In addition to native varieties such as Vermentino and Cannonau, the winery has successfully pioneered the introduction of international grape varieties, notably Cabernet Sauvignon.


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