Mionetto "Il" Prosecco del Veneto

Clear, almost watery pale with a glint of gold, this lightly sparkling non-vintage wine froths in the glass, but the bubbles dissipate quickly. Its pleasant, delicate peachy aroma invites a taste, and the flavor shows peaches as well, yeasty and crisp, bubbles tickling the tongue even if they’re not evident in the glass. Very fruity yet dry or nearly so, it’s a refreshing quaff, delicious for summer sipping and fine with spicy fare. Closed with a beer-bottle-style “crown cap,” not a cork or screwcap. US Importer: Mionetto USA Inc., NYC. (Jul 14, 2003)

FOOD MATCH: Fruity, bubbly and relatively light in alcohol, it’s a first-rate aperitif, and goes well with a range of foods including such spicy fare as a Cajun andouille and tasso gumbo.

WEB LINK: http://www.mionetto.it/


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