Sweet Bliss Rose (NV)

Tasting Date:  February 2011
Varietal:  Rose Blend
Country:  Washington, US
Tasting Date Price:  $10.99
Alcohol Content:  9.0%
Vineyard Website:  click here 

Visual Aspect:  Light pink, not opaque

Nose:     Fresh strawberries

Palate:     Cherry/strawberry, watermelon, ripe strawberry dipped in white chocolate.

Food Pairing:    Red velvet cake, strawberry shortcake, Gelato

Winery Notes:     Why we make Sweet Bliss White and pink: The success of Sweet Bliss Red begged for us to develop a white and pink companion. They are natural extension providing consumers looking for sweet, soft and delicious wines for a pink and white alternative.

Grape sourcing: Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Chenin Blanc are the backbone of the blend because we had ready access to them and had great experience at handling those varietals conducive to sweet wine production. We touch the blend with a bit of Muscat to add a twist of
orange peel to the blend. The sourcing is from Washington State. The Pink has a touch of Barbera to give it a beautiful pink hue and a bit of cherry/strawberry flavor.

What is the winemaking process:
1- The wines are made at Pacific Rim with high sugar level (higher than the Sweet Riesling)
2- The wines are blended and touched up with Muscat to add an orange peel component and round up the residual sugar
3- sterile filtration
4- bottle sterile filtered


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