Sweet Bliss Red (NV)

Tasting Date:  February 2011
Varietal:  Red Blend
Country:  Washington, US
Tasting Date Price:  $10.99
Alcohol Content:  12.5%
Vineyard Website:  click here 

Visual Aspect:  bright red, semi opaque

Nose:     Ripe cherry dipped in sumptuous, melted chocolate. Aromas are a heavenly blend of ripe red fruit & subtle toasted oak.

Palate:     Deep cherry flavors & velvety chocolate mouthfeel.

Food Pairing:    Wine is outrageous w/BBQ ribs & spicy dishes. For the ultimate indulgence, pair Sweet Bliss with chocolate cake, cheesecake and cobblers. Or pour Sweet Bliss on it’s own as a divine aperitif.

Winery Notes:     Why we make Sweet Bliss Red:  Sweet bliss red is the encounter between Italian varietal that we had available and an idea about producing a premium sweet red wine. We were frustrating by the lack of quality sweet red wine in the marketplace and we thought that the varietals we had available were perfect for the making of a great sweet red wine and so Sweet Bliss red was born.

Grape sourcing: Sweet Bliss red is primarily a Washington wine made from Barbera, Sangiovese and Primitivo. Its successes forced us to think about ways to expand the sourcing due to the short amount of Italian reds in Washington State. Therefore we had to think about a solution in order to keep the high quality of the wine as the production grew. To achieve this objective we’ve decided to make the blend a non vintage, non varietal, non appellation wine which would give us the most freedom to source the most appropriate wine lots to make this blend. Today the sourcing is still about 80% Washington, 20% California and is still anchored in Sangiovese and Barbera though some carignane and Grenache sometime find their way into the final blend.

What is the winemaking process: 1- We sort and select through many lots up and down the west coast with a focus on high acid Italian reds 2- The wines are blended in a “solera” system at the winery to guarantee consistency from blend to blend 3- Before bottling we “peel off” the desired volume and filter the 4- Bottle sterile filtered Our style: Early on we went for a sweet style at 4.8% RS. The Italian varietals provide a lot of acidity to balance out the sugar. The Barbera is always an important part of the blend to bring in a truck load of cherry flavor. The Chocolate from the oak adds the final layer for the wine. This is a great alternative for consumers that do not like the bitter taste of dry wines, it is a good pairing with fusion food that have a little kick.



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