Maycus del Limari Sauvignon Blanc

Production Area: Limarí Valley, Chile.
Grape Variety: 100% Sauvignon Blanc.

Maycas del Limarí Reserva Especial Sauvignon Blancis bright and clear in color with highlighted citrusand mineral aromas and subtle green notes.Extraordinarily crisp and ful lling.  is is a fullbodied wine with long lasting freshness on the  nish.Maycas, meaning “croplands” in Quechua, were the foundation of SouthAmerica’s most powerful civilization, the Inca Empire.  e luminous Limarívalley, formerly Inca lands in the north of Chile, opens into a wide riverbasin of mineral-rich soils with unique limestone beds that receive a constantfresh breeze o of the Paci c Ocean.  e coastal range of mountains whichhug the shoreline starts in Limarí, and thus has lower elevations than the restof the southern range, meaning more cooling ocean breezes for the valleyproducing opulent fruit.Maycas del Limarí Reserva Especial draws its inspiration from the Incasolar calendar, prominently displayed on each label. Turquoise countingstones depict each JUNKA (10-day week), from the grape harvest to winebottling.  ese calendars re ect the heritage, freshness and luminosity ofthe Limarí valley.Enjoy Maycas del Limarí Reserva Especial Sauvignon Blanc as a complimentwith crisp salads, shell sh and light meats.

Tasting Date: January 2011
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Country: Argentina, Limari
Retail Price on Tasting Date: $22.99


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