Jean-Marc Brocard Chablis 2008

The Chardonnay vines which produce this Chablis are 60 years old.  These old vines produce more concentrated grapes and their roots draw deeply essential nutriments for the optimal balance of the wine. They are in biodynamic conversion.

Typical unwooded Chardonnay from limestone and seashell line chalk soil that makes this pure Chablis product flinty, mineral, “stone juice” at its noblest.

The Chardonnay vines which produce this Chablis are 60 years old. Their roots have found their way to the deepest parts of the Kimmeridgian soil, picking up mineral trace elements, thus adding to the complexity and character of the wine. Its richness and fruitiness reflects the mineral, chalky soil.

Chablis Vineyard:
Situated near Auxerre, in the valley of the Serein river, Chablis is the centre of one of France’s oldest wine growing regions.

Prized by French kings and always found on the best tables in the 19th century, Chablis wines were prestigious. Synonymous with quality and good taste, the name Chablis has even been given to some New World white wines ! What better proof of their success?
However, Chablis wines could have become just a distant memory as phylloxera almost entirely destroyed the vineyard a century ago.

But thanks to the dedication and hard work of a few vine growers, the vineyard has regained its former glory as one of Burgundy’s flagships.

Jean-Marc Brocard played his part in this revival.

Starting from scratch, Jean-Marc planted one hectare of vines and produced his first bottles of Chablis in 1974. Today, 96 hectares surround his cellars which produce 600,000 bottles annually.

Chablis wines take their world famous mineral and fresh character from the vine’s roots which dig deep into the subsoil, consisting of limestone, clay and marine fossils.
Nowhere better than in Chablis does the Chardonnay develop the finesse and strength which are the hallmarks of the greatest white wines. Delicious and crisp when young, they also benefit from ageing.

Tasting Date: June 2010
Varietal:           Chardonnay
Country:          France
Price:               $21.99


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